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Points of Interest

Nikka Miyagikyo Distillery

The Nikka Miyagikyo Distillery was built in 1969 and is tucked away in a mountainous area near Sendai. The distillery is surrounded by forest and features a landscaped pond like those found in traditional Japanese gardens. Parts of the distillery grounds can only be viewed by joining a free guided tour which ends in a tasting session. Advance reservations are not necessary but recommended.

25 minutes walk from Sakunami Station on the JR Senzan Line

1, Nikka, Aoba Ward, Sendai - 989-3433 - Miyagi - Japan

Morning farmers market at Sendai Station

Sendai morning market is always full of energy! You can find a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and seafood here.Many citizens come to shop or dine every day.
Here you can experience everything from ingredients to traditional food culture. It is also a good experience to visit the morning market, make a simple conversation with the staff, or taste the local specialties!

About 5 minutes on foot from our hotel.

4 Chome-3 Central, Aoba Ward, Sendai - 980-0021 - Miyagi - Japan

Site of Sendai Castle

Date Masamune built Sendai Castle on a natural stronghold 115m above sea level. Although its original buildings were destroyed by a fire, the stone walls and reconstructed guard house still remind us of its glorious days.

Recent excavations and research have revealed three distinct periods in the stone walls. The stone walls have been repaired and restored to their original form, as a valuable cultural and historic resource. Sendai is making an effort to retain its historic sites through its urban planning. The City is now planning to further improve the Site of Sendai Castle as a symbol of Sendai.

Take the Sendai City Bus and get off at “Site of Sendai Castle”.

1 Kawauchi, Aoba Ward, Sendai - 980-0862 - Miyagi - Japan

Osaki Hachiman Shrine

The Osaki Hachiman Shrine was built to protect the Sendai Clan and was completed in 1607. The main building is designated as a national treasure and is decorated with dazzling metal ornaments and colors upon black lacquer. The Donto-sai Festival is held at the shrine every year on January 14, where people burn new years decorations for a safe and healthy year.

Take the Sendai City Bus and get off at “Osaki Hachimangu-mae”.

4 Chome-6-1 Hachiman, Aoba Ward, Sendai - 980-0871 - Miyagi - Japan

Sendai City Museum

The Sendai City Museum shows the history of Sendai by displaying various cultural heritages, mainly from the Date family. Its collection is composed of over 75,000 artifacts, which include national treasures and important cultural properties. Approximately 1,200 artifacts from its collection are usually on exhibit.

About 8 minutes on foot from the subway “Kokusai Center Station”

26 Kawauchi, Aoba Ward, Sendai - 980-0862 - Miyagi - Japan


As the word “Date” suggests, “Date Masamune” is synonymous with military commanders who are “manly, stylish, and cool!” and “Zuihoden” is actually a tomb. Would you like to visit Zuihoden, which is close to Sendai Station, the center of Tohoku?

HAPINA Nakakecho Shopping Street

A shopping mall that extends west from Sendai Station. Various objects hang from the 15m high retractable ceiling, making it fun just to walk around. One of the main venues for the Tanabata Festival.

Sendai Astronomical Observatory

A “stargazing party” is held every Saturday night. A mysterious time passes that cannot be experienced in the city. The Chiron Hybrid Planetarium, which has a dome diameter of 25m, is also worth seeing. In addition to the exhibition room, there is also a cafe. The “Earth Candy” sold at the museum shop has become a hot topic on social media due to its beautiful details.

Sendai Gyutan TAKA

Sendai Gyutan Taka, located about 3 minutes from Sendai Station on the Sendai Municipal Subway Namboku Line and about 2 minutes walk from Kotodai Koen Station, is one of the popular restaurants that you should definitely visit. The beef tongue, which is grilled all at once over a strong charcoal fire, is thick but surprisingly tender, and the flavor of the juicy meat fills your mouth.

Vlan Dome Ichibancho

It is a shopping mall with an arcade that is the tallest in Japan with a ceiling height of 21 meters, and there are many shops that cater to young women. One of the Tanabata Festival venues.

Sendai Umino-mori Aquarium

There are also schools of sparkling sardines, gracefully swimming rays, and powerful hammerhead sharks. Don’t miss the dolphin and sea lion performances held at Uminomori Stadium, which can accommodate approximately 1,000 people. We also recommend “Friendly Time,” where you can get up close and personal with penguins and otalia.

AER Observation Terrace

Height approximately 145.5m! AER is a skyscraper complex near Sendai Station. There are shops on the lower floors, and a wedding restaurant and a free observation terrace on the 31st floor.

Murakamiya Mochiten

Murakami-ya Mochiten is a historic mochi shop founded in 1877 (Meiji 10). Zunda is a paste made by grinding boiled edamame beans and seasoning them with sugar and salt. There are various theories about the origin of the name, but the most likely theory is that the word “duda” became “zunda” because it was made by pounding beans. It is highly nutritious and has been popular among locals since ancient times as one of the local dishes.

Sendai PARCO

Sendai Parco is a large shopping mall adjacent to JR Sendai Station that houses many clothing stores aimed at young people. Of course, there are many restaurants, so it’s a good idea to eat here before or after using JR Sendai Station.

Yagiyama Zoological Park

One of the leading zoos in Tohoku, housing approximately 500 animals of approximately 140 species. At the African Garden, the viewing point where you can see elephants, giraffes, and more is very popular. We also hold events where you can hear the behind-the-scenes stories of breeding from zookeepers, so it’s recommended for family trips.